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10 reasons why I love Copenhagen

I love Copenhagen. I´m in euphoria everytime when I visit this city. I yielded to its beauty during my study stay and since then I cannot leave it for a long time.

I would like to make clear that no other city than Prague means so much for me. I cannot imagine to live somewhere else, to move away for good from my hometown. Yet, there was a period of my life when I was subconsciously looking for another home somewhere far away. Then I got a chance to study in the capital of Denmark and all became clear – I badly wanted to live in Copenhagen!


Once I heard that if you really love someone or something you cannot tell the reasons why. The only right answer to the question „why do you love him?“ is „I don´t know“. Yet, I think that despite of the fact that I truly love Copenhagen, I´m also able to tell the reasons why it is so. Here they are!

1. Beautiful people : One of the first things you will notice in Denmark is that everyone around you is stikingly beautiful. Objectively speaking, every woman that visited this country will surely agree that there´s no other place with such a concetration of handsome men. Tall, well-built, well-dressed.Danish women are also very pretty. Slim, long hair, wearing mainly leggins and short skirts. It was here where I founded out that puberty doesn´t have to necessarly cease when one is 18 or 19 years old. In fact, it´s dormant hidden and comes into surface when one is faced to the adequate stimulus. After a few months I got used to the fact that anywhere I go I´m surrounded by the cousins of Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom. Thus, I think that women shouldn´t take their partners when they go to visit Denmark. It´s impossible not to comment the passers-by and who would like to risk that she will let the cat out of bag.

2. City with a human face – Most of the people connect Copenhagen only with the Little Mermaid that is dreamily looking towards the open sea. They are dissapointed when they see her statue in real– surrounded by tourists who constantly touch her ass and breasts one can hardly see her. What´s gread about this city is that apart from this monument and the most photoraphed street, Nyhavn, renowned for its colorful hourses and old boats, Denmark´s capital is not touristy at all. You can experience authentic atmosphere, the city is made for locals and they are going to be the majority of people who will meet in the city centre. One of my Finnish friend who moved here said that Copenhagen is a city with a human face. I totally agree.

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3. Bikes everywhere – It´s so much pleasant to live in a city in which you can use a bike as a mean of transport. It makes city more personal because one perceives it from different perspective. What a feeling when I doesn´t have to rely on bus or metro, I can just grab my bike anytime and hit the road to any direction I want. In Copenhagen you can see riding a bike both businessmen dressed in suit and elegant ladies with shoes on high heels. It´s funny to see that at peak hours there are often traffic jams of bikes! And every looks happy (what a surprise!) – provided that it´s not one of the numerous rainy days. For these cases people often take waterproof cloathes with them. Copenhagen it flat, yet it might be tricky to cycle even when it´s sunny. As autumn is coming one has a feeling that there´s a headwind….. no matter in which direction you go.

4. Water, wind, freedom – Denmark and the whole Scandinavia, is a synonym of freedom to me. Sea evokes impermeated longing for remoted lands, chilly wind makes one´s mind flying to the sky, melancholic nature lures for long contemplative walks. The Little Mermaid is looking unhappily from Copenhagen´s port to the wide see as if she could find its fulfillment behind the horizon. Water, land and earth are the elements that are strongly presented in this country. Their presence gives me an immense feeling of freedom.



5. Hygge – perhaps there´s no other word that depicts Denmark better than „hygge“ – cozy. „We´ll have a higgeling evening. Let´s go to a hyggeling restaurant“. Danes simply put a big impact on comfort of interiors and it makes perfect sense to me considering that most of the time of the year the weather is cold and grey. One of my Danish acquaintances, who lived several years in Italy, explained to me that while Italians put a lot of money in fashion, Danes invest them to their homes. They often invite their friends home, thus they like to give a good account of themselves in this aspect. When I lived in Copenhagen I always enjoyed looking trough people´s windows while walking on dark streets to see how beautiful and neat their homes are. Danes are very good in decorating and there´s no wonder – Danish design is renowned in the whole world.

6. Kindness – Denmark is an amiable country, don´t get the wrong impression by hearing the non-melodious languague. The landscape gives a peaceful and soothing (someone mean might say boring) impression. No inaccesible mountains, no vulcanos, no hurtling rivers that violate a calm character of nature. Amiability is also reflected at locals. Nowhere else happened to me that people are smiling on me in the streets. Men, old women, anyone! It was quite a shock for someone who comes from a country where it´s typical to „have a Sphinx look“ while walking in the streets or in public transport. I started to ask myself that there must be something wrong! You might say it´s the artificial American smile but it´s not. I really believe that these people are honest with the expression in their face. Simply until one doesn´t spend some time abroad he cannot know that you he´s not so normar as he always thought. We can thing about surveys whatever but I really believe that Danes belong to the happiest nations. They radiate contentment which certainly has something to do with the economic wealth. Nevertheless, according to a certain research it´s the genes that are blamed for people being happy. This research claims that Danish „gene of hapinness“ is presented also at those who were born abroad but who has Danish ancestors. You certainly agree with me that accumulation of this gene within one nation is not fair and they should make sure that it will expand.



7. Daddies with prams – When a friend of mine visited me in Copenhagen, on Sunday morning I took her for a walk in a park. All of a sudden she cried out: „I´m in a paradise! Do you see what I do?“ reffering to daddies who went out with their male friends and their kids. It´s common that men are on a parental leave. Taking care of a kid as well as doing chores and cooking is not considered as a sign of weakness in Denmark. But nothing is black and white. One of my Danish malefriends told me how the gender roles has changed. „Many of my friend would wish to have a girlfriend from Eastern Europe (where apparently I belonged) because they think that girls are more relaxed there. Danish women can be quite taugh. The other day I visited a friend of mine at his place. We were talking about this and that and all of a sudden his girlfriend bursted in the room and told him to sweap the floor. Now it´s often man who cries when his girlfriend leaves him.“ I couldn´t believe that these masculine guys that I see in the streets could be sissy in fact!

8. Art of living – Soon after my arrival to Copenhagen I figured out that „art de vivre“ is not only a doman of French culture. Northerners know how to enjoy life as well. For Danish students it´s common to spend a good amount of time in cafes with a cup of chai latte working at their laptops or studying from books. They often work in groups for their assigments which is good for socializing. I missed those things a lot after my return back home. They are no much pressed by time due to the fact that they get finacial support from the state for their studies. Thus no need to rush to work after the class is over to be able to pay the rent. In summer the Danes moves to the front gardens of the restaurants and cafe or chill out around the watter. Danes puts a big impact on good and high-quality food. You can see the word „organic“ almost everywhere. They are masters in making goods attractive so even carrots and apples look gorgeous in shops. It seems to me that there´s not a big difference in daily and night make-up and style of dressing at Czech women. Danish women put a high heel shoes and ultra short shirts and go out for a party. The lady look is gone quite soon as the night (sometimes even the evening) moves forward, yet they truly enjoy it.

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9. Cafes – Copenhagen is a mecca of great cafes. No matter if the layout is modern or decorated in a retro style you will get high-quality coffee anywhere. And not only that, the diversity is large – fresh smoothies, cakes, snacks, burgers which are very popular here and last but not least my loved chai latté. I think that people love spending their time in cafes just because a big part of the year it´s not very pleasant to be outdoors. They meet here friends, read books, study, relax…. all in a hyggeling way.

10. Diversity – Every district in Copenhagen has a different character. Every time I go there for a visit I need at least 5 days to be able to enjoy all my favourite places. This city is not so much about the monuments but about the atmosphere. The old city full of nice restaurants, trendy shops and secondhand bookstores. Imigrant´s Norrebro with its hipsters bars. Chic Frederiksberg and its neat shopwindows. Pro-family Amager with its calm villa area and the only beach in the city from where one can observe the landing planes heading towards the airport. Dirty Vesterbro with its night clubs and prostitutes. Industrial Nordhaven providing a port of giant ferries. Rebellious Christiania, a stronghold of hippies, upholders of alternative way of life and losers. Not to mention other interesting places in the surrounding of the city. What else to say? Copenhagen is simply COOL!

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