Month: January 2014


  The café called Kavovarna (Cafe Digester House) close to Venceslas Square can be simply characterized as „chic“. Here you do not meet intelectuals crouching and writing philosophical treatises but it´s a place where you should invite a girl. I think this is the place with the most beautiful girls of all Prague cafés that I know (and the most beautiful waitresses as well).

Kavárna snů/ Cafe of Dreams

  You can´t imagine how happy I was when I figured out that just a few minutes walk from my workplace this new cafe started up. Finally I have a chance to dope myself up by caffein from fresh roasted coffee Costa Rica or to raise my level of sugar in blood by one of these tasty looking cakes (by the way I became addicted to the one with rasberries). Many people working in a district where it´s located – Karlov – use the opportunity to take a cup of coffeee away.