Month: February 2014

Cafe Rybka

  It´s funny when you feel like a stranger in your home city. Last time when it happened to me it was approximately one year ago when I met up with 3 travelers who were passing Prague. I met them trought the social network for travelers, Couchsurfing. For those who has never heard about it I´ll shortly explain what it is all about. After the online registration and filling your profile you get into the database of members from the whole world. When you are heading for a trip you can contact some locals to host you for a couple of days or to show you around. That´s how I happened to meet these three strangers who wanted just to meet up and hang out.

Hanging coffee

  Do you know what „hangig coffee is?“ You dont? Well, a guy comes to a café, drinks a cup of coffee and says: „I pay for two cups – the one I´ve just drunk and another one I leae hanging here“. Another guy who is broke walks in and asks: „Would by any chance have a hanging coffee here?“ And if there i sone, he drinds it and goes home. (Jan Burian). This text is writen  in several languages – Spanish, English, French, German, Finnish, Swedish (or is it Norwegian? Well, except these two nations nobody recognize it anyway:) ) and one more that I don´t even try to guess what language it is – in the menu and on the windows shutters  of well-worn cafe among Praguers, Hanging Coffee. The place is often full despite of the fact that before geting there you will get a little sweaty which I consider as a proof of its fondness. Yep, one has to make some effort to get his favourite coffee or beer since this …