Month: March 2014

Velryba/ Whale

Only a few meters from Café Rybka you can find another café of similar style named Whale. Due to friendly prices most of the customers are students, thus you will feel good here with a larger group of friends. I admit that for some reason this café doesn´t belong to my most favourite ones, I just don´t find anything very special here. Maybe it´s because despite of the fact that on its web pages you can find a lot of information about the cultural activities that take place here, what I miss is an effort to brighten up the place or not make it more cozy. I don´t want to discourage you – the fact that it´s not my prefered place it doesn´t mean that you won´t like it:)

Café Portheimka

My friend Lenka wants me to focus mainly on retro cafés. Portheimka can be more than good example because this pitoresque café in district of Smíchov is a „retro from biedermeier style or even baroque“. Portheimka is a small mansion which „crouches“ today under the street level close to Andel Metro Station opposite Novy Smichov shopping mall in Prague. So this can be the welcome asylum for tired shoppers and busy managers. Portheimka is at hand. Good advantage.