Month: August 2015

Cafe Jubilee and my lost camera

Cafe Jubilee is both recommended by touristic guides as well as by locals. During my short visit of Malta it became my „home caffee“. I felt good among all the bric-a-brac that serves as decoration. The fact that it remains Irish pub gives an extra value because one knows that he/she finds there humorous and friendly staff. How big my surprise was when I saw here posters from Alfons Mucha! I´m certain that you will like this caffee as well as I did!


If you find Malta too small the neighbouring island, Gozo, is even smaller. On the other hand it´s more authentic, green, hilly and windy. I escaped to this island for a few days to have a rest from a tiring public transportation in Malta. I was suprised to learn that on this island there are more cars than inhabitants. What are cars for when one can get to the other side of the island withing 45 minutes drive? I understood at the moment when I had to use the local bus services. I was wrong when I thought that the proximity of the particular towns allows fast transportation between them. Eventhough there´s a dense bus network in Malta and one can find timetables, many times they turn out to be pointless. In the aglomeration around Valletta buses are delayed due to constant traffic jams. What makes the public transpotation even slower is the strange fact that many buses have only one doors – in the front by driver. As they are usualy packed it sometimes …