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Velryba/ Whale


Only a few meters from Café Rybka you can find another café of similar style named Whale. Due to friendly prices most of the customers are students, thus you will feel good here with a larger group of friends. I admit that for some reason this café doesn´t belong to my most favourite ones, I just don´t find anything very special here. Maybe it´s because despite of the fact that on its web pages you can find a lot of information about the cultural activities that take place here, what I miss is an effort to brighten up the place or not make it more cozy. I don´t want to discourage you – the fact that it´s not my prefered place it doesn´t mean that you won´t like it:)


Since its opening in 1992 it´s a venue of exhibitions, reading of poetry and gigs. After six years of existence these cultural activities were moved to a newly opened Club of Café Velryba and a Galery placed underground. Thus the whole pretty large space is divided into the front noisy part restaurant-like part and the back part which is made into café style with typical decoration item – a not used piano. What really cought my attention is an imposing chandelier hanging over the bar.


A bit advantage of this café is that you won´t make you to suffer with hunger. The offer at the menu is pretty large and convenient  for travelers with limited budget…well, who doesn´t like eating:)  From the main dishes you can choose for example grilled salmon with creamy spinach, steak or pasta. Vegetarians doesn´t have to feel neglected – except salads they can have for example smoked tofu with grilled vegetables or baked beatroot with feta cheese and herbs. As I suppose you´re not Czech since you read the English version of this article I´m not going to point out to the hamburger that is in the offer as well. For us it´s very rare to see it in this kind of cafe, although it´s pretty common in western Europe, from my personal experience for example in Denmark. Instead I´ll draw your attention to the meal that you HAVE TO try – svíčková! It´s a traditional (and my absolutely most favourite) food that consist of Czech dumplings (please don´t say to a Czech person that it´s like a breadJ ), beaf or pork, creamy sauce, cramberries, lemon and cream. Does the combination sound strange? Beleive me that the saulty and sweet combination makes it delicious!


If you plan a party this is a place that can be all reserved for you.

To sum it up Velryba is not my type of tea as a Brit would say but maybe I was here in a wrong time when nothing special was happening. Try it yourself:)



Opatovická 24, Prague 2


Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 11am – 12pm


Smoking permited

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