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Cafe Jubilee and my lost camera

_DSC0156 ICafe Jubilee is both recommended by touristic guides as well as by locals. During my short visit of Malta it became my „home caffee“. I felt good among all the bric-a-brac that serves as decoration. The fact that it remains Irish pub gives an extra value because one knows that he/she finds there humorous and friendly staff. How big my surprise was when I saw here posters from Alfons Mucha! I´m certain that you will like this caffee as well as I did!

There are two Cafe Jubilee´s in Malta, in Valletta and in vivicious neighbouring town, Sliema. There´s another one in Gozo and to my surprise also in Budapest (why not Prague?!). All of them have the same style remaining the first half of 20th century. Apart from replicas of Mucha paintings, its walls are full of film posters from that time. If you look up you will see on the shelfs all the things that Anthony, the owner of the caffee, collected from locals: old vases, sewing machine, barrels, a bike….one feels like in a flea market.

Anthony tol dme that the first caffee was open in 1998 in Gozo, a place where he comes from. He and his two brothers wanted to open a type of caffee that would differ from the others in Malta but at the same time it should attract large spectrum of people. They succeeded! During a day it´s a caffee – people read, meet for a chat or work on their laptops. In the evening the atmosphere completely changes – there´s loud music (sometimes free gigs), people are having fun and it gets so crowded that I hardly managed to get to the bar. Great atmospere indeed!


But now you are surely interested what you can get here. Trying something from Maltese cuisine suggests itself, for example ravioli filled with meat and goat cheese, oven baked stuffed marrows or Jubille foods rice and pumpkin pie. Each of them costs around 7 euros. Another kind of pasta, salads and sendwiches are the options. If you still won´t have enough try one of the dezets: lemon sorbet, walnut or honey tart. Alternatively, you can start your day here also with a breakfast.

An intense memory of mine will be always connected with this cafe. I´m known as someone who loses his personal belongings in the public space. I´ve already lost several jumpers, nothing that serious but still. Until that evening. I arranged an interview with Anthony in Jubillee – it was a crowdy Friday night since there was a gig. Apart from my handbag I had quite large bag for my camera as well. After we finished I grabbed my stuff and headed towards my home. After two kilometres of walk, when I was almost unlocking the door of my flat, I got an SMS: „I think you left your camera here, Anthony“. If something like that happened to you you can imagine how I felt. Terror that I forgot a bag with my Nicon and thus almost threw away my month salary was replaced by anger – not only I forgot somewhere but I even didn´t notice for half an hour that I´m walking without a heavy bag!

It was late at night and I didn´t have the energy to walk all the way back so I decided to take a bus. No need to mention that for nothing – timetables are here only for calming tourists down. All of a sudden a taxi stopped in front of me. An elderly driver asked me where I need to get but I refused saying that it´s just till the end of this promenade and that I´m waiting for a bus. He said that he´s going the same direction anyway and I won´t charge me. Who would believe taxi drivers but I desperately wanted to get my camera as soon as possible so I accepted. He was a jolly fellow and tol told me that his mum is Maltese but is „papa“ is Italian. „Have you ever been to Prague?“, I asked“. „Yes, I was, but what I liked much more than the city were girls!“ he replied lauging and slaped me on my thigh. Apparently I wanted to compensate his overdued profit. There was a traffic jam (like aways) so for my honour sake it would be possible for me to jump out of the car. Fortunately, it wasn´t neccessary he dropped me where we agreed on.

You cannot imagine how reliefed I felt when I got my camera back! Anthony wasn´t in the cafe anymore so I texted him to say big thanks. He replied: „Keeping things safe is part of our job too:)“ .


The chapted of losts and founds in Malta is not over yet! The next day I was waiting in front of a bar for my sendwich to be ready. At one of its tables I saw keys from a car. I brought them to the waitress for a case that someone will look for them, whereas she cried out: „Oh, my God, those are my keys! You safed my life!“ On my return way back to the Czech Republic I wanted to buy a chocolate in a shop at the airport. When I went to the cash desk to pay, a shop assistant asked me: „Isn´t this sendwich yours? A girl that resembled you forgot it here. But she left here also her keys from a car and a credit card“. I don´t know how it ended up but it´s possible that while we had this chat the lady was already sitting in a plane. What to say? Maybe the cause of all these losts (and sometimes founds) was the fact that it was spring. Or it was because of this island that makes you forget about everything. Perhap because of either of these excused.




Valletta: St Lucia Street 125

Gzira:  The Strand 209

Gozo – Victoria: 8, Indipendence Square,

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