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Café “Half The Way”


Little single-storey house in a park between Pankrac subway station and Ceska televize broadcasting company building looks more like a southern hacienda or western saloon then Czech café with its wooden verandah.

The place is called “Na půl cesty” (Half the way). It belongs to my favourite places.  My grandmother was living nearby at the housing estate and for us it was really “half the way” from subway to our house.

The park is called “Central Park” although it is less than miniature of New York´s Central Park.

The place is “half café, half pub” anyway and the visitors know it. Many people come here to have a unfiltered Staropramen beer on tap.

Every week the guests are invited to small rock (ehm better to say hardcore or underground) concert.

Sport ethusiasts can play petanque on the small playground across the path. It is possible to sit outside during the hot summer days.

Traditional Czech feast “Paleni carodejnic” (burning witches) takes place here on 30th April. When I came here for the last time, I experienced  kind of crazy teenage party with costumes. Probably it was someone´s birthday. One girl was dressed up as pirate and her friend as princess.

OK, the only disadvantage is obvious: Small house and music shows… Yes the place is often overcrowded.

I should add that “Na půl cesty” Café is a training facility for patients with mental diseasses where they try to work. It is established by association “Greendoors”.

Espresso costs 35 Kc and the beer is cheaper – 27 Kc. Popular “czech Coke” kofola is also on tap.

Author: Jakub Pokorný

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