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Café Neustadt: a piece of Berlin scene in Prague

Café Neustads is a place where one finds the spirit of alternative Berlin scene, something from Franz Kafka, something form Rammstein. It serves also as a cultural centre in the Prague´s downtown. I has never happened to me before that I would enter a café and where the lights would be turned off and there was a disco ball instead.

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Café Neustadt (New Town translated from german) is an unique place. It´s running by wellknown Czech café owner Ondřej Kobza. He is renowned for placing pianos in the streets of Prague so anyone passing by can test his/her musical skills.

When I think off its name I wonder why he has chosen German one instead of Czech „Café Nové Město“ or English „New Town“. The café is located between Venceslas Square and Charles Square – in a courtyard of New Town Hall, which is a unique place of its own. You can sit outside in the courtyard with the fountain and enjoy your cup of coffee. There are also film projections and gigs.

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Czech students and idlers mix with tourists who have a look inside couriously while they pass by. Some of them stay and listen to the gig of unknown Czech music band.

By the way, the interior of the café is not historical as you might think. This part of the city hall was reconstructed during the communist era with typical glass windows as if they were leading to a socialistic departement store. But it doesn´t matter. In fact, it´s one of the few cafés on this blog whose interios is absolutely ordinary.  I like here the homemade lemonades – 0,4 litre for 44 KC (easy to remember).

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The weak point is a toilette. Only one cabin for men is not much. Once I had to leave early because of the queue. Another disadvantage is that Neustadt is really too popular among Prague hipsters and thus many people come here just because it´s  cool. On the other hand it can change 🙂

Author: Jakub Pokorný

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Address: Karlovo náměstí 23/1, Praha 2


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 8–24 h

Saturday + Sunday: 10–24 h

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