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Café Oliveira

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Sometimes I´m a bit envious to those living at Vinohrady district. I envy them all these small shops, alternative galeries and restaurants. I envy them also Cafe Oliveira. This is the place where I go to catch the summer atmosphere and to remind myself my trip to Portugal – its mountains, half-broken trams in Lisbon, train stations decorated with blue and white tiles, tasty wine and last but not least delicious food. The same perhaps goes for the majority of people coming here to have creamy little cakes pastel de nata or chorizo. This place serves as meeting point of many Portugese living in Prague – you can bet that sometimes it´s pretty noisy here 🙂

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The cafe owner, Fábio, has settled down in Prague because of his Czech girlfriend. Being an construction engineer he didn´t have satisfactory job opportunities here so h decided to completely change his profession and open a Portugese cafe with his girlfriend. It also serves as a nonformal cultural centre where Portugese movies are presented, there are wine and local specialities degustations and….people can watch football matches.

During my interview with Fábio every now and then there are people coming to pick up what they ordered at the associated online shop – wine, olive oil and other Portugese products. If you visited this beautiful country and you miss its cheese, tapas and olives this is the right place for you. Personaly I´m addicted expecially to smoked ham and chorizo – because of them I can never become a vegetarian! What I didnt try in Portugal and I tasted here is tremocos – legume in a solty pickle that people eat while watching football and drinking beer.

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„What we try to learn Czechs is to drink piccolo or a whole bottle of wine instead of glasses – it makes you drink more anyway“, sais Fábio in decent Czech. Concerning the differences in coffee culture before Portugese go clubbing they spend a few hours in cafés and leave around midnight. Apart from ordinary cafés there are so called pastelarias – a place where you have a quick coffee and snack for a breakfast or during a short break at work. This is not the case of Café Oliveira – you won´t want to leave so soon 🙂

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_MG_0787 IIAddress:

Mánesova 65, Prague 2


Opening hours:

Monday: closed

Tuesday – Friday: 4pm – 10pm

Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 10pm

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