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Cafe Paludan: something for bookworms

It´s difficult for me to choose a cafe to start with. There are so many cafes that I like in Copenhagen, sometimes I even cannot decide which one I will go for. Finally, I decide to devote my first post of this section to Cafe Paludan for its interesting concept and popularity among people.


In Copenhagen every single coffee lover must feel like in a paradise. There are plenty of great cafes providing a high-quality beverages. And you shouldn´t stick just to coffee. Chai latté is popular to the same extend, in summer you can enjoy healthy smoothies. In most places you can get something very tasty to feed your hunger, very popular are f.e. burgers. I start suspecting locals from not working – how could it be, then, that cafes are full even during the working days in the morning? But now seriously, if I miss something from Copenhagen, it´s the cafes. Including Cafe Paludan.


It combines two places that I love – a bookstore and a cafe. The first mentioned was opened in the old Jewish quarter already in 1895, cafe started here around the year 2000. The street Fiolstraede is known by every local university student. Right opposite of Paludan there´s an old university library. In the same building I had my matriculation which turned out to be very funny. When the ceremony was over we went for a garden party where the academicians, that were a while ago in their dressy frocks, were distributing beverages including alcohol. You surely won´t miss Fioldstraedere even if you are in Copenhagen only for a few days. It´s located between the busiest shoping pedestrian Stroget and a train station Norreport so right in the city centre.


Paludan is divided into several rooms. Spacious front part, from where one can watch a husle of the street, a back dark-painted room is a place of exhibitions and then there´s the real gem – a room reminding a rococo style with heavy red curtains, historical paintings and shelves full of old books.

In Denmark customers orders their drinks at a bar and wait there until they are ready. Don´t be discouradged by a long queue in Paludan, it will worth the waiting. Almost always I take a passion fruit smoothie (passion fruit, mango, banana and grapes) – the taste is simply delicious. You can come here for a breakfast, brunch, they offer various meals anytime.

Paludan has a great lively atmosphere….and the handsome guys all around….:)



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Address: Fiolestraedere 10-12


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