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Cafe Rybka


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It´s funny when you feel like a stranger in your home city. Last time when it happened to me it was approximately one year ago when I met up with 3 travelers who were passing Prague. I met them trought the social network for travelers, Couchsurfing. For those who has never heard about it I´ll shortly explain what it is all about. After the online registration and filling your profile you get into the database of members from the whole world. When you are heading for a trip you can contact some locals to host you for a couple of days or to show you around. That´s how I happened to meet these three strangers who wanted just to meet up and hang out.


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Importnat is that a Czech girl who was hosting them came as well and brought us to a Cafe Rybka ( the meaning in Czech is little fish) which I´ve never hear about before. When I got in I starting wondering how it is possible. It´s true that the place is a bit out of my beathen path (in fact I catched myself realizing that perhaps I´ve never been in this street!), on the other hand it belongs to the type of cafes that I enjoy where one can find distinctive atmosphere and old furniture.  What distinguish this cafe from the others is that it´s a bookshop at the same time. Its owner Mr. Rybka combined his publishing with opening a cafe 15 years ago.

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Books are unseparable from cafes, yet this is a type of place where you will rather hang out with your friends than to si talone in the corner. At least it´s impression. I felt like a weirdo with my laptop among all the groups of students having fun. But still…eventhough there´s only room in Rybka the space is divided into two part – the first one an area around the bar which serves for socializing the second one is a bit further where one feels like in a living room surrounded with all the books.

Eventhough I´m not a big fan of tea I can highly recommend to taste here blooming tea. This is the only cafe I know that offers it. This green tea tided up by hand reveals beautiful dried blossom hidden inside.  I was indeed bewitched by this „magic“ when I saw it for the first time.

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Rybka is rather „summer type of cafe“ as I call it. There are large windows which gives very pleasant in summer since one feels like being outside on the sun. Also this place is gets very smoky whereas so in summer you can get some fresh air as nobody cares that the doors are open:) In winter I prefer cafes where you feel isolated from the cold outside, places where muffled lights from lamps makes you feel like at your mom´s belly:)

Until now I didn´t tell you pretty important information. Only a few meters from Rybka you can jump into a cafe of the same kind called Malá Ryba (despite the fact that in English it also means little fish, there´s a distinction between these two names in Czech). It belongs to the same owner who opened  it three years ago. I prefer the first cafe…maybe because I discovered it first.

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Address: Opatovická 7, Prague 2


Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm


Smoking permited

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