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Café Vítkov


I should confess that Café Vitkov is my favourite place in Prague when we talk about cafés. So I begin my contributions on this blog with this one. The reason is mainly the extraordinary terrace view of Prague from which one can see three directions. The quarters of industrial Liben, rooftops of Žižkov and green wall of Prosek are on the horizont. The view is better at dusk. The place looks a bit like „villa Tugendhat on the roof of other house“ and keeps the functionalism flair with its futuristic-looking round white chairs too.

The coffeehouse is a part of National monument of Vitkov, 1st Republic army mausoleum made of marble on the hill of the same name – all the pros and cons included.

The café is built as a glass gallery on the top of the massive building. The interior is not usually crowded because it lies aside from the streets of Prague and visitor must climb the hill as well. It ´s still a kind of secret place because the reconstructed monument has been opened recently. It is not widely known yet that visitor can enter the café even without paying the entrance fee in museum. The prices are averidge compared with other places in Prague, even lower – related to the view.


Many people come here to enjoy beer, because summer days even allure to it and it is possible to stay longer with one beer (than with a cup of coffee) and enjoy the view. On the other hand there is a problem related to the museum. Café Vitkov has quite strict opening hours – same as the opening hours of the exposition and it often closes at six p.m.

So you can enjoy here night view only during the winter season.


Opening hours in summer : Wednesday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00

Opening hours in winter: Thursday – Sunday 10.00 – 18.00


Chosen prices:

Espresso – 35 Kč

Capuccino – 40 Kč

Juice – 30 Kč


Author: Jakub Pokorný


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