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_MG_2172 IIn Prague´s downtown you couldn´t have missed a long squaire downtown with a horse statue on the top, the Wenceslaw squaire. I you have ever been here for the New Year Eve, this a place  remains a battlefield with all of the fireworks and drunk people running around. If you go to its very top behing the huge dark building, a National Museum, you will come across Cafedu – a great new cafe that I can highly recommend – althought it is primarly intended for students.

_MG_2143 IAfter my return from studies in Copenhagen I was missing a cozy cafe suitable for studying or working on a diploma thesis. In Denmark I found out that studying doesn´t have to mean sitting in unconfortable libraries or even to get antisocial and enclose oneself at home. It seemed to me that locals can truly enjoy this period of life. Apparently this is what I had in common with the woman who started up Cafedu, Iva Pejsarová – after her study stay abroad she decided to open a place where students will be able to make pretty unpopular activity more pleasant.

Although threre are cafes in Prague where mostly students gather they are not designed for working for school since there are the dim lights, only a few plugs and smoking is usualy permited which is not very comfortable. Besides that you will hardly find there high quality coffee or wide range of snacks and drinks. The owners of Cafedu discovered a white spot on the market. I don´t know about any other cafe-study room of this kind in Prague. Finally studing can be also plesant!

_MG_2174 IIn order to get access to the studyroom located right above the cafe you have to register and pay a fee for at least one month. Then you can spend here whole days and nights since the studyroom is open 24 hours a day.

Cafedu managed to combine all elements that are important for this kind of cafe. It´s located in the city centre, has pleasant clean design, it´s well lit, there are plugs at each table. Or you can just relax in an comfy coach and borrow one of the books from the shelves. Last but not least they offer an interesting offer of drinks.

I have mentioned in some of my previous post that I am literally addicted to chai latte which you can hardly find in Prague cafes. And if so it not the real real one….made from powder. Here we go, you can get it here! I admit that this is one of the reasons why I am such a big fan of Cafedu. Considering that it always full here it is obvious that I am not the only one.

_MG_2146 I

It pretty easy to recognize a place that is run by people who really enjoy what they are doing and are passionate about their idea. You recognize it as soon as you enter according to the staff. To places like this one wants to constantly return.

_MG_2163 I

_MG_2177 I

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The address:

Škrétova 14


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 7.30am – 10pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 10pm



Free wifi

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