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Le Caveau

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that if I could choose and area in Prague to live in it would be Vinohrady. I would be surrounded by beautiful houses, I could chill out in local parks in summer, and cozy cafes in winter, I would do shoping in shops offering organic products and eating in vegan restaurants eventhough I DO LOVE meat. Vinohrady has been a popular living area for decades and I warmly suggest you – even if you are just on a short visit of Prague – to visit this neighbour. I mean, Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clocks is a must but still I´m sure you would appreciate a place with a local spirit. You have one more reason to drop by – there´s Le Caveau!


In Prague´s downtown you couldn´t have missed a long squaire downtown with a horse statue on the top, the Wenceslaw squaire. I you have ever been here for the New Year Eve, this a place  remains a battlefield with all of the fireworks and drunk people running around. If you go to its very top behing the huge dark building, a National Museum, you will come across Cafedu – a great new cafe that I can highly recommend – althought it is primarly intended for students.

Le Royal

An evening spent at Le Royal belongs to a special experiences – it makes you feel, the name doesn´t exagerate. A reconstructed cultural spot at a place of legendary cinema Illusion, the biggest cinema in Prague back in 30s, has waited to see its revival after years of its closing. Since spring 2014 Prague can be pround of club that was missing here until now – a luxurious interior in Art Deco style where you can watch a movie, listen to a gig or just to hang out with friends while siting in a cozy big armchair or even in a rococo style couch.

Café Mlýnská (Mill´s Cafe)

How can it be that I haven´t written about one of my most favourites cafe so far? The one that has become to be the meeting point of my former schoolmates from university which we call „anthropo session“. In summer evenings we switch the cafe for a lawn in front of it at Kampa park. We hang out on a grass and and just go inside for drinks as they are available take away. Paradoxically, I like the cafe most when I can sit outside.

Café Oliveira

Sometimes I´m a bit envious to those living at Vinohrady district. I envy them all these small shops, alternative galeries and restaurants. I envy them also Cafe Oliveira. This is the place where I go to catch the summer atmosphere and to remind myself my trip to Portugal – its mountains, half-broken trams in Lisbon, train stations decorated with blue and white tiles, tasty wine and last but not least delicious food. The same perhaps goes for the majority of people coming here to have creamy little cakes pastel de nata or chorizo. This place serves as meeting point of many Portugese living in Prague – you can bet that sometimes it´s pretty noisy here 🙂

Sicily Café

I am excited by discovering this lovely cafe. Don´t you like it even by hearing its name? Paradoxicaly, instead of being dragged to the south, its design and concept reminds me Danish and Swedish cafes which I´m a big fan of. Why? They succeed in combination of clean and cozy design, good coffee and environment-friendly attitude. The only thing that I miss here is chai latté but I have to admit that it´s my personal obsession since the time I lived in Denmark 🙂

Kolíbka/ Crandle

Café Kolíbka (“The Cradle” in english) close to Novomestska radnice Town Hall attracted me for the first time because of the beautiful young short-haired waitress. Of course this not the only thing why should we focus on Kolíbka. Kolíbka is a cheap, playful and plesant non-smoking place with students´spirit. Here the people discuss what´s up at school or serious human rights matters.

Velryba/ Whale

Only a few meters from Café Rybka you can find another café of similar style named Whale. Due to friendly prices most of the customers are students, thus you will feel good here with a larger group of friends. I admit that for some reason this café doesn´t belong to my most favourite ones, I just don´t find anything very special here. Maybe it´s because despite of the fact that on its web pages you can find a lot of information about the cultural activities that take place here, what I miss is an effort to brighten up the place or not make it more cozy. I don´t want to discourage you – the fact that it´s not my prefered place it doesn´t mean that you won´t like it:)

Café Portheimka

My friend Lenka wants me to focus mainly on retro cafés. Portheimka can be more than good example because this pitoresque café in district of Smíchov is a „retro from biedermeier style or even baroque“. Portheimka is a small mansion which „crouches“ today under the street level close to Andel Metro Station opposite Novy Smichov shopping mall in Prague. So this can be the welcome asylum for tired shoppers and busy managers. Portheimka is at hand. Good advantage.