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Choco-Cafe U Červené židle/ Choco-Cafe At the Red Chair


IMG_8131 IThe best hot chocolate in Prague! Italian chocolate with ginger, salt, chilli, coconut milk or several kinds of fruit with creme and waffel on the top. French and Belgic chocolate with a wine flavour, tropical wood, liquorice etc. A whole page of the menu is devoted to chocolate consisting of 70% of cocoa on average. Every time when I´m going throught the menu I have a feeling that picking up one flavor means to deprive myself of dozens others! It´s not very convenient to be born in Libra zodiac since it means facing a lot of difficulties being unable to choose….I truly don´t like when I have too many options:)

IMG_8154 I

Hot chocolate is not the only delicacy that you can get here. Milkshakes, „fresh“ teas are also highly recommended. There´s a large offer of Italian bruchettes which is a pleasant alternative to omniperent picked cheese and picked sausage. I know I shouldn´t be critical towards them as they belong to my favourite dishes but I would appreciate more creativity and more extensive range of offers concerning food in Czech cafes. I blaime Copenhagen´s cafes where I spent a part of my several-months stay for being picky. In this blog there will be a section devoted to them soon.

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While visiting Prague you probably noticed that the names of many restaurants have the prefix “at” like this cafe has. A couple of centuries ago the houses didn´t have number but a sign instead. If you were searching for someone you have to find a house At a Violline, At Three Suns etc. Imagine that cities would be as big as they are nowadays:) Prague is unique for preserving these signs of houses because in most cities they dissapeared.Even today naming a restaurant “At…f.e. squirrel” is very common.

This chocolate cafe is a continuation of family museum of historical postcards. The walls are decorated by them even now and togehter with furniture from the first half of 20th century it makes an atmosphere that you won´t want to leave. Despite of that a warm impression is violated a bit by cameras in the corners which I do find unappropriate in such an environment.

IMG_8171 I

The web pages of the cafe reveal an interesting history of the house where it´s located. Mentioned for the first time in 1403 it served as a residense of chapter of a monastery. More than one hundred years later it was a place where a chronicle from 1524 till 1530 was written. The next house was inhabited by renowned alchymists Kelley and John Dee. If you were not told so far you should know that Prague is full of ghosts. If you appear on this street at night there´s a high chance that you´ll come across a headless temple knight riding his horse. He was beheaded for his serious wrondoing and didn´t find an afterlife piece.

Choco-cafe is so popular and so there was opened another one dowtown. If don´t have enough while leaving this place you can buy chocolate here. Warning – don´t eat at least a half day before going here!

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Address: Liliová 4, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 – 21:00

Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00


Phone nr.: +420 222 222 519

Non smoking


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