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Din Nye Ven: Your New Friend

Just a few minutes away from the cafe Living Room you can find another great place – Din Nye Ven, your new friend in English. I used to go there often with my friends to enjoy relaxed atmosphere and – on Danish standard – low prices.

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Din Nye Ven is located in a Latin quarter that is, in my oppinion, the nicest parts of the „old town“. You can spend hours wandering around local cozy cafes, antique shops, small galeries and independent shops. You might notice that pace slows down while walking in the streets, nobody is in rush. If it gets too boring for you you can head towards the central Copenhagen´s squaire (and perhaps the ugliest one), Radhuspladsen.


The interior of Din Nye Ven is simple consisting of ordinary chairs and tables. It´s type of cafe that you will enjoy expecially in summer due to the large front glass wall. In winter I prefer being “protected” from outside by a thick wall but in summer, of course, one wants to enjoy sun:) This is a favourite place of students, during a day you can see friends playing bord games, whereas at night on the weekend the cafe turns into club. You can be assured that it´s not a touristic place – the menu is only in Danish:) They serve breakfast, during a day light meals and (as I was told) good beer.

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Adress: Skt. Peders Stræde 34, Copenhagen

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