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Dobrá trafika

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One afternoon a friend of mine wanted to drag me to a new cafe. Right after we met she headed for a tobacco shop. To my surprise she didn´t stop at the counter but kept on walking further  to the „backstage“ where a lovely cafe was hidden….a place where time stood still.  Dark furniture, massive armchairs, old lamps created an intimate atmosphere of cafe from the first half of 20th century. If you feel like spending rainy afternoon with a book or having an intimate chat with your friend this is the right place. In summer you can enjoy the sun in a backyard or to borrow a board game.

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Dobrá trafika – a cafe with a tincture of mistery is located in two places. The first one at a busy district of Vinohrady in the New Town and the second one in peaceful Ungelt right below the romantic Petřín hill. It was here where I met up with its owners, David and Martina Fritz´s, who told me how these two cafes started up. „Before, we were running a tobaco shop but we thought that it would be interesting if it was connected with a cafe. One day we noticed that close to our place there is exactly such a place that we were intending to create. Somebody else had this idea before us as well! We got in touch with the owner but they haven´t been able to run the place anymore so we took over. This one in Ungelt was builded up already by us.“ The cafe at Vinohrady was opened in 1999, the second one three years later. „It doesn´t look like a cafe at the first sight and I think it´s good. We don´t want everybody to know about it“, added Martina Fritzc.

The cafe at Újezd is hiding a brick cellar where a wine room is located together with another room that serve for small private parties from time to time. Every month an exhibition of young artists takes place here, occasionaly there´s a gig as well. Dobrá trafika cooperates with an association Green doors that helps people suffering with schizophrenia to get back to their ordinary lifes. One of the tools is a three-months work in one of the associated cafes.

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Anytime I enter this place I struggle with a little problem. The menu is pretty large so I spend at least 15 minutes deciding what to go for. There´s a large offer of Arabica as well as tea, tasty millkshakes and Italian hot chocolate. All of the offered cafes and teas are available in the tobacco shop as well so you if you can´t get enough here you can prepare them home too. Concerning food you should try one of the pitas (f.e. with tomato, chees, a crab).

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If you go to the cafe at Korunní street you surely won´t leave without buying some of the offered stuff at a gift shop – ceramic, wine, cigar and much more.

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Address: Korunní 42, Prague 2

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Újezd 37, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:30-23:00

Saturday: 8:00-23:00

Sunday: 9:00-23:00


Partly non-smoking

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