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When I hear the word Duende what cames to my mind are guittars hanged on the wall, Moroccan lamps, pictures of Jesus, lifevest and other bizzareness that are spreaded out along this cafe. It belongs to those where everything what was around was stuffed inside. You can find here even a poster from „a free town“ – Christiania – a wellknown hippie commune that have been  a part of Copenhagen already for 40 years. It´s a symbol of fight for a place free of authorities and nowadays also a touristic attraction. I´m attached to this place because I´ve spend there six beautiful months during my research for my diploma thesis. Thinking about it I just realized that this cafe/bar in many aspects remind bars in Christiania. There´s no way that this poster got here by coinscidence:)

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I truly enjoy going to Duende in summer because the doors/windows are open so you can sit half inside half on the street. This place is dogs´ friendly and I´m sure you pet will meet some friends here. Simply said Duende is a laid-back cafe that attracts bohemians from near and far (lately it seems that mainly the internationals settled in Prague). It´s often noisy and packed.

Concerning food and drinks don´t expect miracles but one goes to other types of cafes to enjoy high-quality coffee. This place is about atmosphere.

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The cafe was founded in 2000 by American and Czech fellow who later switched to a club, Meet Factory. Jana Koubová, who was working here before as a waitress, took over.  In my oppinion it´s another successful bar where people like keep on going back.

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Address:  Karoliny Světlé 30, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday:   13.00 – 00.00

Saturday:  15.00 – 00.00

Sunday: 16.00 – oo.oo


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