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If you find Malta too small the neighbouring island, Gozo, is even smaller. On the other hand it´s more authentic, green, hilly and windy. I escaped to this island for a few days to have a rest from a tiring public transportation in Malta. I was suprised to learn that on this island there are more cars than inhabitants. What are cars for when one can get to the other side of the island withing 45 minutes drive? I understood at the moment when I had to use the local bus services. I was wrong when I thought that the proximity of the particular towns allows fast transportation between them. Eventhough there´s a dense bus network in Malta and one can find timetables, many times they turn out to be pointless. In the aglomeration around Valletta buses are delayed due to constant traffic jams. What makes the public transpotation even slower is the strange fact that many buses have only one doors – in the front by driver. As they are usualy packed it sometimes happens that not everyone manages to get off at the stop he/she wants to.

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Indeed, Gozo doesn´t have a problem with traffic jam, nevertheless even here I was facing some difficulties – less passangers also meant less frequent connections. Some buses only go once per hour. Thus I´m familiar with every corner of the main bus station in Victoria, a capital of Gozo, from where one can get anywhere on the island, including the wild seaside. I was always fascinated with the huge cliffs in England, I wanted to see them so badly in real! Once I have learned that there´re cliffs in Malta it was clear to me that I have to go there. I also liked the fact that one doesn´t get drenched while visiting them. At least the chance is much lower.

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I chose Marsaforn to be my post for these three days. This summer resort was almost empty at the time I visited it, at the end of March. I was a bit anxtious to find myself among all these deserted buildings with no sign of life. This feeling was intensified by the view on the rough see.

When I walked from the sea resort towards the west I came across a strange geological phenomenon. The see made an interesting formation of sandstone. I would expect to see such a scenery in the North Africa, at the place where Sahara gives way to the see. On this place both of these elements – representing both a promise of infinity and the threat of death – met. I find their combination fascinating. Strong wind was breaking the waves on the rocks. I have an impression as if I heard the voices of sirens.

It definitely pays off to devote a few days to Gozo instead of rushing it trought withing one day. Giant cliffs at Xlendi bay, romantic streets in Victoria in which time stood still, peaceful atmosphere around the Ta Pinu church. I would be a pity not to have enought time to fully enjoy them.

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