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Hany Bany


IMG_8017 IHany Bany – the right spot for bohemians! Students of surrounding Dance and Theatre schools perhaps wouldn´t be able to imagine their studies without this cafe bar/pub. Almost everytime when I pass it there´s a smell of marihuana in the air wafting from a bunch of people hanging out in front of the entrance. Is it already a sing that this place is indeed friendly, isn´t it? 🙂

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As soon as you get in you won´t know where to look first and where next (provided that you are lucky enough to find a free spot). That´s because Hany Bany belongs to places…how shall I put it…visually rich that are able to absorb things that one would never think off to put together. And that´s one of the reasons why I like this place. During the day it appears as a cafe, in the evening it turns into an Irish pub, into which style is made, where you might have troubles to hear what your friends is telling you due to the noise. If you are a single traveler this is the right place to go and have a chat with someone – both locals and other foreighners. If you start feeling like having a fresh air for a while you can take a sit at the bench in front of the cafe.

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The interior might give an impression of being fussy but I like this style….as well as the smooth one. Red walls are decorated with framed posters from the begining of the 20th century and several posters of Pulb Fiction. While looking around I start thinking what´s the story of these things and how did they get here A witch over the bar, dragon, candelabra, old gramophone at the window, the model of historical ship and much more.

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No worries that you could suffer with hunger. They offer a big range of dishes f.e. fruit dumplings or schnitzel this is the place where so you may try Czech cuizine.  A cook herself brings meals to the guests which I find very sweet. It´s the only place I know in Prague where they serve chai latté – popular beverage in western Europe and my addiction still didn´t find its way to the Czech customers.

Hany Bany started in 2003 when it replaced an unprospering restaurant. Three copartners and friends gave to this place new character, spirit and vividness. Enjoy!

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Address: Veleslavínova 5, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Sunday – Saturday: 10.00 – 23.00


Phone nr. :+420  222 327 602


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