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Il – Kikkra Kafe: a place to get tasty pastizzi in Malta

Those of you who visited Portugal are surely familiar with pastalarias, a type of cafe where locals meet each other, and where one can find all of these tasty confections, puff pastry and delicious caffee just for a few cents. I find places like this extremely charming. Most of the people just come to buy something for breakfast or a snack after work, and leave, yet some stay longer and enjoy their cup of coffee while reading newspapers. A shop assistant usually knows most of the clients with whom he exchanges a few words. Sometimes a random tourist passes by who finds this atmosphere as charming as I do.

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I wouldn´t mention all of this if there weren´t places of this kind in Malta – here they are called pastizzerija. Locals reccommended me one of them while I was searching for authentic cafes. Welcome to Il – Kikkra Kafe. It’s located in side streets of Valletta right next to the Caffee Jubillee. Unplastered brick in its interior reminded me of snack bars in Sicily. I was greeted by a young man behind the bar, a son of the owner, who reccomended me to try hot chocolate and pastizzi – pastry filled with mushed peas or ricotta cheese. Apart from the fact that they are very tasty, they are also cheap and one really gets full after eating them. Just a warning – they are addictive. Some people bake it at home but because Il – Kikkra is renowned for making home made pastizzi, it doesn´t suffer from the lack of customers. Enjoy!

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Address: St Lucy street 124, Valletta

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