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Several years ago I came across a short article in newspapers describing pleasant atmosphere in Kafíčko. After reading it I decided that I HAVE TO track down this cafe. It´s one of the places that eludes from a sight of passers-by walking on the main streets of the district Lesser Town Bridge Tower. An invisible street leading from the Lesser Town Tower has the charm of authentic Prague saved from the shops full of Russian dolls and hats. In one of its houses there is a lovely cafe that stole my heart thanks to its poetic character and nice staff.


In the past there used to be a gallery. Big floods in 2002 ruined the whole surrounding area of so called „Prague´s Venice“, and this place reminded empty. Two year later“ the first non-smoking cafe“ in Prague was opened. Eventhough its equipment comes from bazzars and antique shops, the interier is made in a united style and looks very neat. A huge scales are hanging above the bar, walls are decorated with black and white photos and paintings, you can buy here ceramics and china. The owner of the cafe said, Mr. Čarek, says: „Originaly I wanted to open a tea room but then me and my wife discovered coffee. We wanted to open a place where we could offer something what you usually can´t get in other cafes.“

You might wonder what the name Kafíčko means. In Czech we like soften the words so we use diminutive more often than it´s common in other languages. When we address our friends or family members we often do the same. Coffee is “kafe” in Czech, whereas “kafíčko” is a diminutive of this word.

I have a soft spot for a hot chocolate and the one you can get here is one of the best in Prague – it´s so dense that you have to eat it with a little spoon! This cafe keeps its hight standards also concerning snacks. Forget about oily pickled cheese or pickled saussage and eat with style! Only sweet desserts are available, for example a favourite honey cake or an apple pie.

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Mr. Čarek seems to belong to the limited group of cafe owners who doesn´t make concessions to the demands of „majority“ in a fear of lowering their incomes. It concerns both the ban of smoking and the overall concept of what should be connected with the high-quality coffee. It´s not only a matter of its quality but also a matter of how it should be consumed. „Good coffee is such a specific thing, it absorbs smells and it would be all destroyed by smoke. I don´t want to pander myself to people and therefore we also don´t offer take away coffee. We want to provide high-quality coffee and it requires first-rate dishes and specific environment for consumation. If I given in it would liquidate the core of what we we do. This cafe is for the kind of people who do care what they drink and where they drink.“ He said that in the past quite a lot of people were a bit upset and surprised because of this, but fortunaly this kind of attitude is changing. Personaly, I also don´t get how somebody can enjoy drinking coffee in a rush on the street. It´s a matter of  context that is connected with drinking this beverage. It´s a chance to free oneself from the everyday rush and to enjoy the moment. Art the vivre – that´s what we have to learn:)

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Kafíčko is an ideal place for a calm afternoon. I listen people speaking French at the next table, curious tourist passing by peep in the window from time to time, a man is reading his Saturday newspapers in a corner. This cafe somehow personify how I see Prague – as poetic, dreamy and nostalgic place. On a little table there are several guest books. The owner adds: „We know some foreighners who came here even 9 years ago and when they visit Prague again they come here. It´s nice to know that this place is a kind of midpoint of the city“.  I don´t wonder – it´s also mine:)

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Address: Míšeňská 10, Prague 1

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 22:00

phone: +420 724 151 795

Non smoking



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