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Lucerna Cafe

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Originaly when I was starting this blog my intention was to avoid writing about large cafes. In my oppinion they lack intimity and peculiarity of those small ones, it always makesa difference when you sit in a family like atmosphere at a place to which the owner could give the reflection of his own personality. I´ll make an exception at Café Lucerna! I passsed it so many times in order to get to the homonymous cinema (the first stable cinema in the Czech Republic) that is right behind it that I can´t avoid writing about it. After the end of the film I hardly ever resisted not to sit down, to  enjoy its beauty and to digest the impressions form what I just saw on the screen.

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This cafe is one of the special places placed in the exceptional art nouveau complex of the Lucerna Palace completed in 1921. The realizator was the architect Vácslav Havel, the father of our first democratic president after the Velvet Revolution Václav Havel. In Prague there are plenty of arcades expecially in the aread of Wenceslaw squaire where Cafe Lucerna is located. Back in those days this was an singular building that opened up a space for social and cultural facilities, shops and flats. Palace Lucerna became a center of social life in Prague. Once you´re there you appeared in a place with rich cultural tradition. A concert hall, restaurants, small cafes and shops, Lucerna Music Bar – they all belong to legendary places where to have fun.


But back to the cafe. To enter you will climb stairs on a red carpet,which –  one has to admit – gives you a feeling of exceptionalityJ Especially after or before a movie projection all of the 120 places to sit are taken but if I´m lucky and I choose I take a sit in an area next to the big windows leading to the passage that provides more privacy. Well….it´s true that you´re apart from the main and busiest track of the cafe but on the other hand you will be in many photos of tourists that take pictures of sculpture of the horse turned upsidedown with the patron of this country st. Wenceslav on the top – piece of art made by controvertial sculpturist David Černý. Yep, you saw the same horse located on the upper part of Wenceslav squaire…with the exception that up there he is standing on his legs 🙂 Since I started writing this article (from this place I have a perfect view on the bottom of the horse) at least ten big tourist groups were standing below me. I wonder if the tourist guide tell them that there´s a statue right now made by the same artist floating on the nerby Vltava river depicting huge hand flipping off the current communist-oriented „inhabitants“ of the Prague castle.

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But back to the cafe again. You are in a fancy place and the offer of beverages corresponds to it.  Coffee lovers surely appreciate its large choice, I mention for example cappuccino and caffee latté with caramel, Bailey´s, caffee with whisky or vodka. Also the fans of wine won´t regret coming here since there´s plenty to choose from. You won´t be feeded here…but you won´t mind:)

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Address: Vodičkova 36, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10am – 24pm


Free Wi-fi



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