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Café Mlýnská (Mill´s Cafe)

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How can it be that I haven´t written about one of my most favourites cafe so far? The one that has become to be the meeting point of my former schoolmates from university which we call „anthropo session“. In summer evenings we switch the cafe for a lawn in front of it at Kampa park. We hang out on a grass and and just go inside for drinks as they are available take away. Paradoxically, I like the cafe most when I can sit outside.

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„Mlýnice“, a unique space of a former water mill (there´s still a mill wheel), is another Prague´s cafe where intelectuals and renowed artists tend to gather. During the president elections in 2013 it used to be one of the bases of the team of one of the candidates who appears here from time to time also now. His poster from that time where he´s depicted as a punk is still here on a wall. You can see it also in other cafes who were his supporters. The design of the poster was made by the same artist who created the bar – controversial sculpturist David Černý. Being a regular customer of this cafe he decided to „upgrade“ it a little and collected various bizzare items from surrounding neighbours. He put them into a transparent plastic and so you can find here for example cut finger or human embrio (don´t worry, a fake one:) ).Talking about David Černý, perhaps you came across one of his pieces of art on the other side of Kampa park – three giant black babies. The very same sculptures are placed on a TV tower that is seen from almost any spot in Prague. According to one American magazine it was awarded as one of the ugliest buildings in the world (I wonder why…I´ve seen much uglier buildings and I guess all Praguers agree that the view of this tower is became and integral part of the city).

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But if you think that being a favourite place of Czech welknown artists it makes Cafe Mlýnská snobish you´re mistaken. It´s a busy place with laid back atmosphere where it is hardly possible to find a place to sit in the evenings.

You can find here a classical offer of snacks and drinks, nothing that you couldn´t get anywhere else. Yet there´s a speciality that you might try, a Czech bread (that we say it´s the best in the world) with greaves. I wouldn´t think you get get it somewhere else than at your grandma.

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It´s a sunny day. I´m chilling at a table outside drinking fresh ginder limonade. A little stream is murmuring bellow me. I´m looking at the mill´s wheel going around, leafs are swinging….and it comes to my mind that I wouldn´t change Prague for any other city in the world.

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Address: Všehrdova 14, Prague 1

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 12am – 12pm


Free wi-fi

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