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Cafe Šlágr


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Hardly any cafe reaches the style of cafes from 20s and 30s like Šlágr (the old expression for a “hit”). Its name,  equipment and music that is wafting from the old speakers, this all drags you to the 20th…to the times when ladies used to wear stylish long dress and men were respectfully lifting their hats when meeting them. Welcome to the past!

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Located in proximity of Náměstí Míru this cafe/candy store was open on a magician date – 29.9.2009. It´s hard to believe that it wasn´t an intention. The owners, Ondřej Němeček and Michal Appl, who used to work in gastronomy before, were dreaming about opening their own place. One day they discovered these rooms with an interesting history. The house in which the cafe is located is dating from the 70s of 19th century which makes him to bet he oldest house of this long street (Francouzská street). Its owner at that time had a manufacture for basic metals. If you are just degustating one of the delicious home made cakes that are baked in the room just belowed you, you should that in the past the whole space was scented by the smell of sausages  – there used to be a renowned butchery as well. Nowadays, there´s nothing that reminds those times. The ilusion of the cafe of the begining of 20th century is perfect. Take a sit confortably to the armchair, close your eyes and become absorbed to the listening of our famous singers of that times.

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Not only that the interier of this cafe „looks good“, your tastes will be satisfied too. Home made cakes are hard to resist as well as hot chocolate sticks which I are hard to find somewhere else. I tried also French limonade that was renamed by local regulars „WC cleaner“. The describtion of its taste couldn´t fit more but still I recommend it:) If you prefer more conservative tastes you can try a limonade with spruce flavour or rose flavour.

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It´s not all by far what Šlágr offers to its guests. You can go for alcoholic coffee, for example Viennese coffee with Metaxa or coffee with Baileys. Even if you are an exponent of healthy life style it doesn´t mean that you should avoid this place – well, if you manage to pass the window with cakes without ordering at least two of them. There´s a section in the menu devoted only to you. From 10am till 2pm a brunch is served, whereas you can choose from 13 variations. Menu is changes according to winter or summer season and while looking at it I have an impression that I should go to this place more often. Šlágr is a cafe that is not afraid to experiment and to present its guests also unknown tastes.

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Address: Francouzská 72, Prague 10


Opening hours:

Sunday – Saturday: 10:00  – 22:00


Phone nr.:+420  607 277 688


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