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Kavárna snů/ Cafe of Dreams


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You can´t imagine how happy I was when I figured out that just a few minutes walk from my workplace this new cafe started up. Finally I have a chance to dope myself up by caffein from fresh roasted coffee Costa Rica or to raise my level of sugar in blood by one of these tasty looking cakes (by the way I became addicted to the one with rasberries). Many people working in a district where it´s located – Karlov – use the opportunity to take a cup of coffeee away.

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Such a place was simply made for gaining new energy. At the bar you´re welcomed by nice smilling barista behind whose back a couple of lovely helpers are running around cooking and baking something delicious.…ok, they are just painted on a wall. The waitress is laughing saying that sometimes people ask her if it´s a painting or a wallpaper (in fact she forgot that a couple of weeks ago it was me who asked her this question). In the upcoming months also the other walls will be decorated in fairy tale style. In one of the corners next to a little bench a gnome will be portrated. It won´t an ordinary gnome….if you wisper him your wish it will come true. I´m looking forward when the decoration will be finished because even now it gives very warm impression.

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I appreciate that every detail was taken into account – furniture is a nice combination of wood and iron, coffee is served in beautiful dishes.

And what can you choose from? Except hight quality coffee and above mentioned cakes you can have croissant, muffin, sendwiches or you can buy French bread. Apart from that they offer jams, ginger bread, fresh juices, tea and last but not least coffee beans.

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Thus a French style cafe poped up where you can have your morning caffee with croissant or where you can have a rest during your lunch break. It´s name doesn´t exaggerate at all – you don´t find many places where hight quality beverages and snacks would be combined with such a neat environment. The only dissadvantage might be its location that is a bit apart from the main streets. I keep this place my fingers crossed.

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Address: Ke Karlovu 12, Prague 2



Free Wi-fi


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  1. Zbožňujem tú kaviareň. Je nádherná, obsluha je veľmi milá a príjemná a navyše myslia aj na ľudí s bezlepkovou diétou. Nemám slov 🙂

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