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The café called Kavovarna (Cafe Digester House) close to Venceslas Square can be simply characterized as „chic“. Here you do not meet intelectuals crouching and writing philosophical treatises but it´s a place where you should invite a girl. I think this is the place with the most beautiful girls of all Prague cafés that I know (and the most beautiful waitresses as well).


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You should enter the passage to Lucerna Palace and few meters from famous inversed St.Venceslas statue by David Cerny you find Kavovarna. You can´t miss it. Kavovarna has unusuall „winter garden“ – a couple of tables and chairs outside in the passage. There you can sit there even in December but of course in a jacket because it ´s colder there than inside.

The interieur of Kavovarna is guarded by another statue – timber lama monk and retro black n´white photos hanging on the walls but it is a feature of so many cafés in Prague that room looks pretty boring. Kavovarna has two rooms whereas the back room is decorated with surrealistic (in time of my visit) paintings of Dalí style.

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In Kavovarna strong 14Grade beer Matuška is on the tap. Only one glass is really enough to become a tipsy. Another house speciality is „South American Bitter Hot Chocolate“. You can read in the menu that this speciality is available only between September and March and no later than at 6p.m. Why? I kindly asked the waitress and she told me that the milk basis of the  chocolate drink spoils so fast that it is hard to store it in the summer and besides that they prepare it only in time when they know that everything will be sold (so no later in the evening).

Let´s see another interesting detail in the menu. The list itself is for sale but for 500 czech crowns so who buys it? Playing of games is prohibited here according to the special warning in menu and if the guest consums equivalent of 500 CZK they can be immediately asked to pay the bill in order to keep on drinking. So I advise to read the menu carefully like consumers´agreements.

No, it is a joke. Kavovarna is a pleasant and hospitable place. The list has of course an English version and the offer is generous. One example: the chocolate drink called „Rainforest“ with vanilla syrup. One disadvantage is that Kavovarna has no wifi connection in time of writing. Take it as an another  reason for small talk with a girl.

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Jakub Pokorný


Address: Štěpánská 41, Prague 1

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 8.00 – 00.00

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