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Kolíbka/ Crandle


Café Kolíbka (“The Cradle” in english) close to Novomestska radnice Town Hall attracted me for the first time because of the beautiful young short-haired waitress. Of course this not the only thing why should we focus on Kolíbka. Kolíbka is a cheap, playful and plesant non-smoking place with students´spirit. Here the people discuss what´s up at school or serious human rights matters.

I visited Kolíbka for the first time with my friend Honza and we headed here for.. . …yes, actually for beer. What have we seen? Label of popular czech RESPEKT journal right on the door, people with average age under thirty and retro-bicycle parked casually in the corridor. Inside, there´s also piano “parked” casually as well in the main room. Everything in Kolíbka is informal and relaxed. Even on the internet you can read that you find here 49 seats and additionally five “places for standing” like in a bus. (if you want to stand with a cup of coffee in your hand). How the hell they measured it??

Kolíbka has of course the ecological spirit as well. The staff buys ingredients only from small producers and offer fair-trade coffee. The Cradle rocks us with unusuall offerings although I´m not sure if I would like to add elderberry syrup in my beer. WoW. But it´s possible here. Menu includes cannabis teas and special beer from Chyně brewery which is rarely available in Prague pubs.

The place serves like gallery too. Black and white photos hang on the walls and another bizarre decoration is the head of a deer – piece of hunter´s trophy maybe. I have already seen similar deer in Leuven, Belgium but it had wings and necklase and looked like deer´s angel. Why not?

Back to Kolíbka: The café has longer business hours in working days than on Saturday which is quite interesting too. During the summer you can sit on the street on wooden chairs. From outside Café Kolíbka has almost flair of southern France, like somewhere in Provence with its window shutters.

I should remark only one disadvantage. Slightly confined space, especially Men toilets…


Jakub Pokorný



Řeznická Street 10, Prague 1

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr 11-24

Sat-Sun 17-23


Soup (daily offer) – 40 Kc

The „Rocking Board“ (cheese, sausage) – 98 Kc

Coffee caffeine-free – 32 Kc

Soda – 0,2 dl – 14 Kc

Beer (0,5 l) – 30 Kc

Espresso – 32 Kc

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