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Le Caveau

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In one of my previous posts I mentioned that if I could choose and area in Prague to live in it would be Vinohrady. I would be surrounded by beautiful houses, I could chill out in local parks in summer, and cozy cafes in winter, I would do shoping in shops offering organic products and eating in vegan restaurants eventhough I DO LOVE meat. Vinohrady has been a popular living area for decades and I warmly suggest you – even if you are just on a short visit of Prague – to visit this neighbour. I mean, Charles Bridge and the Astronomical Clocks is a must but still I´m sure you would appreciate a place with a local spirit. You have one more reason to drop by – there´s Le Caveau!

_MG_1537 II fell in love with this cafe very soon. It combines neat alternative enviromenment, which is appealing also to the Czech artists, with a tempting offer of wines, homemade limonades and coffee. I reggret a bit that my working hours, that start very early, don´t allow me to go out for a breakfast. For sure I would go to Le Caveau. It´s served till 2pm – indeed a French concept of time. You can get for example baked croissant with goat cheese, French bagette baked right here. Sounds tempting? I claim that one cannot not to like a place that is scented by fresh bread. A few years ago I was working in a restaurant in Denmark which was physicaly very demanding. The vision of long-time work in a kitchen defininetely woulndn´t make me happy. Yet I was always looking forwad to the moment when I come to work in the morning and the full room will be filled with smell of freshly baked bread made by our baker. Since then if I hear that I can get homemade bread somewhere I´m going to be there soon!

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But in Le Caveau is not all about breakfasts. You can try quiche, a variety of baguels, toasts or delicious pralines. From 6pm you can order baked toasts with olive tapenade, sheep cheese and rucola or chiabatta with griled goat cheese, grapes, nuts. Perfection itself! Also, when I count all of these bottles of wine and barrels…. The owners are……………so you are in good hands 🙂


A lot of people just drop by for take away so the bar is always busy. Thus is easy forget that someone sitting at the table has already ordered. When it happened to me and I reminded myself to the bartender she brought me as an apology a piece of praline. As I love chocolate that I secretely hope that next time she will forget again.

And…as a bonus to all of that there´s a gig every Thursday night – for free. I like this place. I really do.

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IMG_0429View from the window on a bizzare church


Jiřího z Poděbrad Squaire 9, Prague 3


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 10.30pm

Saturday: 9am – 10.30pm

Sunday: 2pm – 8.30pm

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