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Le Royal

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An evening spent at Le Royal belongs to a special experiences – it makes you feel, the name doesn´t exagerate. A reconstructed cultural spot at a place of legendary cinema Illusion, the biggest cinema in Prague back in 30s, has waited to see its revival after years of its closing. Since spring 2014 Prague can be pround of club that was missing here until now – a luxurious interior in Art Deco style where you can watch a movie, listen to a gig or just to hang out with friends while siting in a cozy big armchair or even in a rococo style couch.

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It was friend of mine, a keen fan of Spanish culture, who told me about this unique place and invited me here for a performance of excelent guitarist Morenito de Triana. When I reserved the seats I simply thought that we´ll be sitting….how to puti t….in rows like in a cinema. Well, I was mistaken.

I entered a beautiful room covered with carpets where people in confortable retro coaches around tables. Watching performance in such a comfort and intimate atmosphere gives totally different feeling. Sometimes I don´t know whether to look at a stage or at the beautiful bar illuminated in lila. People are dressed up and I guess that one would feel unconfortable wearing jeans in this fancy place.

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I have to tell you one really embarrasing moment that happened to me during the gig. I didn´t read any information about the performer, I just wanted to listen to Spanish music that I like. He was indeed a great guitarist and to my surprise he was talking to the audience not only in Spanish but also in fluent Slovak. Before the begining of the gig my friend told me that he lives in Bratislava so I thought that he might be living there since his childhood or it is due to his musical skills that he catched the accent – he spoke like a native. When the gig was over I told my friend what I was thinking off during the whole gig. Her answer really got me: „Well, he´s not a Spaniard. He is a gypsy from Slovakia“. Perhaps she wanted to help me when she saw my embarresed face: „ I don´t wonder that you thought that he´s Spaniard. He looks Spanish and moreover the plays briliant (thank you, Katka:) )

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French Jean-Christopher Gramont is blamed for revival this cultural spot. It was him who formed new atmosphere after decades of silence during the communist regime. You can learn more about the history of Le Royal on its web pages where you should definitely check out also the programme – and there´s something to choose from! Apart from movies, there are often events connected with Spanish culture (flamenco performance, concerts), jazz concerts but also burlesk dancers for whose performances there could not be a better place.

_MG_1254 II´m happy that we can enjoy such a club full of grace. Every evening spent there is a special to me. I cannot get enought of the interior, beautiful music or/and dance, sombreness of candles and revitalized atmosphere of 30s.

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The address:

Vinohradská 42, Prague 2


Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 3pm – 11pm



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