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Living Room

I have a weakness for this cafe. It consists of three rooms of different design and atmosphere – thanks to this fact one can go to here for a fast coffee as well as for a romantic date. When I told my Danish flatmate that I like going to Living Room, she started laughing: „Oh, it´s a kind of cafe where you go with your boyfriend to cuddle!“

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Its first floor has a style of typical espresso bar from where one can observe a hustle of the street. Once one climb down the stairs he appears in totaly different spirit. A dark room with brick walls is illuminated only by candle lights. I always feel here like in my mummy´s belly, so cozy and warm it is here. In the last, back, room you can enjoy Oriental atmosphere. Chilling out in a sofa surrounded by colorful Moroccan lamps the a perfect way of relaxation. Now I know the secret how can Danes survive the tough winters. With cafes like this one you even enjoy it.

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During one of my visits I noticed a man sleeping on a sofa. When he got up and was leaving it was evident he was a homeless. Nobody paied attention to him.

In fact, baristas don´t pay attention to you unless you go to order to a bar. This system is fully fine with me because like this I can look forward more to what I get! It gives me a chance to observe baristas preparing drinks, to admire nice desing of the bars and to smell the coffee. Moreover, even if you sit half of the day with one cup nobody cares. What really annoyes me in the Czech cafes is that waitresses asks all the time whether you wish to get someting else. If you already finished your drink they usualy manifest that you are depriving them from customers. A carafe with water is often place at a bar which is also something rare in the Czech Republic.

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Adress: Larsbjørnsstræde 17, Copenhagen

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