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Malostranská beseda


IMG_5091 INo need to introduce this significant cultural spot to Praguers. Originaly it was a town hall of the Lesser Town, later on it had been serving as a cultural center for decades. Since 2009, after a big reconstruction of the whole reneissance building, concerts, theatre plays and exhibitions take place on the first floor again. Dowstairs  there´s a restaurant, that I will leave aside this time, and a cafe decorated in the same style.

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Only a couple of tables can be stuffed in a tiny space of this cafe. In summer it´s broaden  out with a popular front garden in the arcade. Sitting here you are at the very centre of the Lesser Town district. Once I took here a Canadian friend of mine who came for a visit. Contemplatively looking out of the window he said: “I do wonder why tourists go to Starbucks on the opposite side when only a few meters further there´s such a neat and authentic place“. Good question. The lack of curiosity to „discover“ something new? To be honest I´m pretty dissapointed by the recent appearance of the Lesser Town squaire, where Malostranská beseda is located, since it´s becoming turning into Disneyland as well as other parts of Prague. Together with kebab shop, Starbucks, parking lot and a couple of touristic restaurant it creates a fake environment that is so distant from an ordinary life of the city.


But back to the cafe. Breakfast service is provided as well as a large offer of cakes, pastries, paninis and tradicional menu from the restaurant during a lunch time.

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Made in a elegant traditional style, it belongs to places where one goes to read newspapers after a busy day. If you get bored of that there´s nothing easier than climbing the stairs to the first floor and go for a concerts. There´s just very little space in between  the tables which can be a bit unpleasant as your neighbours can easily hear everything you say. Thus it´s not the best place for telling your intimate stories to your best friend:) Or maybe it´s just me who feels peculiar about that:) Othervise 100% recommended!


Address:  Malostranské náměstí 21, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Sunday – Saturday:  9.00 – 22.00


Breakfast service

Free WiFi

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