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Moonfisher: The safest cafe in the world

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Moonfisher is the most legendary cafe in Christiania. There was a time when you could you could read an inscription above the entrance The safest cafe in the world. It was due to the frequent raids of police searching for hash users and dealers. You won´t come across police anymore, rather you will be surrounded by people enjoying their joints. They come here since 1975 when Moonfisher was opened. Pusher street is just round the corner. To my surprise you cannot get alcohol in this place, on the other hand organic juices are served 🙂

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During the rare sunny days the front garden is full of people, some of them smoke hash, some play a guitar and sing, one feels as he is on a music festival. A few metres away there are a few guys reparing bikes and selling new ones in their store. There´s a curiosity in Denmark. You will come across many people that have a wooden box installed in the front of the bike into which they put their grocery, small dogs or kids. Many of these boxes are made in Christiania.

There´s no cabaret anymore in Moonfisher like it was in the early years, music was also pushed outside but still it´s a place where you can enjoy specific atmosphere.

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