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Café Portheimka


My friend Lenka wants me to focus mainly on retro cafés. Portheimka can be more than good example because this pitoresque café in district of Smíchov is a „retro from biedermeier style or even baroque“. Portheimka is a small mansion which „crouches“ today under the street level close to Andel Metro Station opposite Novy Smichov shopping mall in Prague. So this can be the welcome asylum for tired shoppers and busy managers. Portheimka is at hand. Good advantage.

_DSC0598Saturday afternoon and café is full. I am used to distinguish suitable cafés for dates with a girls or for reading. I can´t help but Portheimka is a good place for work on PC. Maybe it ´s because it can be found close to my office or simply the one can´t make yourself completely comfortable. So many people here look like having only a very short break between two shops.

On the other hand it can be nice place in summer and even during this warm February some people in coats sit at the tables outside.  Be honest, official name of this café is not Portheimka but „President Café“. You can see the portraits of czech presidents on the walls, included the communists.  I should say that more traditional decoration can fit more, besides that there exist already an another better pub with presidential memorabilia in Prague.


In 99 per cent cafés i can tolerate waiter dressed casually in jeans. But here? In baroque mansion. And yet another little imperfection – the entrance leads directly to the main room so there is a bit chilly inside in the winter. The guest passes the case with so delightful cakes that you even don´t dare to ask to cut the first slice. I could not find it in menu but I hope that was only my fault.

Portheimka/President Café is surprisingly cheap. Espresso for 38 czech crowns. Cappuccino for 44 CZK. They offer even the speciality „sour cherry coffee“. I also appreciate the local offer of Cioconati hot chocolates included the white. I practise my english reading the menu in prague cafés for a long time. Another lesson here: The sentence „All coffees available decaff“ (without caffeine). Correct spelling is „decaf“.


Portheimka mansion was built by architect Kilián Ignác Dizenhofer in 1728 for himself and his family but named later after entrepreneur in textile industry Porges von Portheim, one of the first czech „capitalist“.

Jakub Pokorný





Štefánikova 12, Prague 5


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 10pm

Saturday: 11am – 10pm

Sunday: 11am – 8pm


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