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Sicily Café

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I am excited by discovering this lovely cafe. Don´t you like it even by hearing its name? Paradoxicaly, instead of being dragged to the south, its design and concept reminds me Danish and Swedish cafes which I´m a big fan of. Why? They succeed in combination of clean and cozy design, good coffee and environment-friendly attitude. The only thing that I miss here is chai latté but I have to admit that it´s my personal obsession since the time I lived in Denmark 🙂

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Firstly I should mention something about the name of the cafe. I guess like everyone else I thought it should be pronounced in English. It indeed was pronounced this way as the original brand of the served coffee was from Sicily. When it was changed for another one a question with the name of the cafe poped up. One of the owners, Tomáš Průša, explained to me that now the name should be pronounced „sičili“ (if you are in the Czech republic shortly I wonder if you have a clue what the difference is:) ) It´s a play with words. If you split the word sicily into „si“ (yes in Italian) and „čilý“ (the interpunction marks are added so you have no idea how the word should be pronounced:) It litteraly means „you are fresh“ in Czech. Drink our coffee and you´ll be fresh.

How did it all start? The original idea of the cafe owners was to sell coffee. In Sicily they got to know local roasting rooms and started cooperating with them. Finaly a cafe kept on running instead of store. The Sicilian brand was swaped with Milanian 7Gr (Sevengrams) which is the amount needed for high-quality espresso. As I mentioned before I don´t understand coffee and I can easily do without it but maybe it was because I didn´t drink the right one. It was here and at Mamacoffee where I experienced the difference between high and low-quality coffee. On its web pages you can learn how to make great expresso.

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Apart from good coffee they offer good meals as well. For a breakfast you can have scrabled eggs, pancakes, toasts all made in various way. In a menu you can find wraps, burger, salads and of course pasta. Looking at it makes me think that I have to come here once when I´m hungry. I can´t forget to mention cakes and daily menu that usualy consists of two classical meals (even gulas if you´re lucky) and two Italian meals. There´s is plenty to choose from for vegetarians and vegans who are a big part of the customers.

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What I also appreciate is the enviroment-friendly attitude. The ingredients are bought from Czech sellers, for example the eggs are from the local farmer, the vegetables is from a farm market. In the menu you will come across the word“ bio“ often.

What I do like a lot is a design of this cafe. It gives clean and neat feeling, yet it´s original. I was surprised when I was told that the owners were figuring out everything themselves. Placing pallet as a part of the design looks very good in cafes which is also this case. Stands of lamps are made from cups. Nice!

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To sum it up I have an possitive impression from this place in all aspects. And one more important thing – Jakub hardly ever forgets to mention in his posts whether there are nice girls behind the bar. Finaly I have a chance to write that I know a cafe where handsome guys are those who are serving drinks 🙂

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Senovážné squaire 2, Prague 2


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 8.30 am – 10pm

Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Sunday: 11am – 7pm


Non smoking

Free wifi

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