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This blog is devoted to all cafe lovers who enjoy spending their free time or even working hours over a cup of coffee in a cozy, slow pace environment that drags you out of the outer word for a while. Cafe is a place where you can both have a great chat with your friends or enjoy your solitude by reading a book or writing an article to your blog:)  It´s a world for itself.

Yep, I belong to the group of people who catch themself spending too much time in cafes. Not because I cannot imagine my life without coffee – actually it would take me a while to notice if this beverage simply disapeared from the Earth for some reason. What fascinates me are the environments where it´s consumed. I´m attracted to a particular type of cafes….at those where you can embed yourself into the old armchair, to slow down and look around the stuff bought in the second-hand shops…to put it shortly I LOVE retro cafes! Their intimate atmosphere, ardent discussions, stories hanging in the air, softened lights, the smell of cinnamon, distinctive genius loci. I enjoy observing people sitting around me who connected their life with mine for this short moment, I notice at how they are dressed, their gestures….

As a cultural anthropology graduate I´m interested in everything that is connected with humans. After my studies and taking a break from traveling I realized that I miss the feeling of discovering something new. Prague is unique for its large number of retro style cafes where I truly enjoy spending my time. That´s why I decided to write about them and compile this small guide. I´m not going to focus on coffee itself as I´m not really competent to do so. My intention is depict cafes that I like and that I can recommend. A friend of mine, journalist Jakub Pokorný, shares the same passion hence he is an occasional contributor. In the future I intend to extend this blog for cafes abroad. But let´s start with the ones in my beatiful hometown, Prague:)

I wish you many pleasant moments over a cup of coffee:)

Lenka Medová

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