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Týnská literární kavárna


IMG_5300 IIt´s impossible to write about Prague´s cafes and not to mention Tyn´s Literaly Cafe – Týnská literární kavárna in Czech. On my first visit of this students´ shelter I was literaly intrigued by this picturesque place. There´s a special atmosphere draging you back to the times when merchands were passing by with theirs caravans suffed by goods. Ungelt, where it´s located, used to be one of the major European business crossroads. Eventhough this cafe is at the very centre of the Old Town it´s still hidden from eyes of passers by.  An uninitiated walker hanging around can easily miss a massive wooden doors leading inside. Why? There´s not a single window directed to the street. As well as other cafes of this kind it protects its space against the masses and it allows to enter only to the „initiated“ ones. That makes one feel to be a bit „priviledged“:)

IMG_5285 I

The more hidden the more interesting. Thanks to its latency I took me a good time to refind this place again after my first visit. Back then me and my friends were showing around our American acquaintance, whereas one of them dragges us to this cafe. It was late in the evening and I didn´t pay much attention where we are going. I literaly „discovered“ it again after one year when one afternoon I decided not to go home until I find it.

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Devided into four rooms it provides an ideal spot both for craming for exams and for get-together with a bigger group of friends. In summer you can enjoy sun at a yard and listen to the bells of the Tyn´s church. This place became a sactuary for students from nerby Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Pedagogics due to its friendly prices. In a cold day I recommend to taste typical Christmas alcoholic drink – punch. There´s a bookshop that belongs to the cafe, literaly evenings and openings take place here, shortly said it´s intelectuals´ paradise:)


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Address:  Týnská 6, Prague 1


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 23:00

Saturday – Sunday: 12:00 – 23:00


Phone nr.:  +420 222 220 681


Partly non smoking


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