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V sedmém nebi

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This cafe belongs to those where I was draged by a friend of mine some year ago and since then I keep comming back. Inside, you come across a strange barfly who doesn´t leave this place even after the end of opening hours. It´s a  two and half meters long angel floating above the heads of bartenders. This fellow was devoted to the cafe by the artist Jiřina Švancerová. Looking at him makes you think that this heavenly creature doesn´t hesitate to  degustate all the spirits that are exposed at the bar.

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You may wonder what the name V sedmém nebi means. Literally it´s translated as In seventh heaven. “What´s that?!” If you experience something very beautiful in Czech we don´t say only that we are in heave but strait in seventh heaven. Using this expression it should be us who is the happiest nation in the world, not the Danes:) The owner of the cafe, Vít Beneš, was originaly searching for a place for his ceramic workshop. As soon as he discovered this  it was clear that it is an ideal spot for a cafe. „In the same evening, me and my wife visited one of our friends. Before we left her place it was obvious that all of us are going to get involved“. Due to the lack of money, friends were helping out with stuffing empty rooms with furniture and decorations. Thus since its opening  in 1998 until now the space has been equiped by various strange decoration stuff including lefovers from  vernissages that took place here – planes in a shape of sperms, a statue of bull or a non-functioning piano. Vít Beneš said that he doesn´t care much about promotion of his cafe: „I rather want people to come here because someone recommended them this place. You also came with your friends and because you liked it you started coming here regurarly. Often one makes up a certain image about a place according to photos and then he´s dissapointed when he sees it in real. Luckily, we have plenty of customers“.

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When I was thinking why I like this cafe I came to a conclusion that besides  its retro style, it´s because I have a feeling that „something is going on“ here everytime I come. It´s a vivid environment and despite of noisy talks you often run into a couple of computer nerds with a nose attached to  their laptops. Simply it´s not a slow-paced place where you have a feeling that every single person in a cafe is amused while you confess to your friend with juicy stories. Moreover, the prices are kept low which is always nice:)

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I can recommend to try out spiced chai which is a nice alternative to ordinary tea. The same applies for home-made limonade with mint, ginger or nettle. If you get hungry besides the classical cafe snacks – pickled cheese or pickled saussage – you can have a toast with Italian prochuto, goat cheese etc.

If you are a traveler who wishes to avoid other tourists and drink in a cool place among locals this is an ideal spot for you….being located off the beathen paths it´s “tourist´s free“:)

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Address:  Zborovská 68, Prague 5


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday:   10:00 – 01:00

Saturday – Sunday:  14:00 – 01:00


Partly non smoking

Free WiFi


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